Thursday, December 3, 2009

PowerPoint as a marketing tool

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In last five years PowerPoint has gone a long way and so the PowerPoint software and websites. PowerPoint which was a traditional desktop thing is now more like a web product. More and more online products are being added to the ever growing list of PowerPoint resources and tools everyday. From PowerPoint creation to PowerPoint sharing, all has gone a complete makeover. Now only handful of people use email attachments as a way to share PowerPoint presentations. Most of the PowerPoint geeks are hooked to online PowerPoint sharing websites like SlideShare, authorSTREAM or are using online presentation creation tools like Google Presentations, Slide Rocket, slide 280 etc. Microsoft too will join the league of online PowerPoint sharing and collaboration websites with the launch of PowerPoint 2010 early next year.

Like video embeds, presentation embeds have become inevitable for bloggers. All such online and offline PowerPoint products have made PowerPoint presentations a great marketing tool.

You can upload your PowerPoint presentations either on SlideShare, Scribd or authorSTREAM and share it with your friends, family or clients in more easy and convenient way. Advantage of using Scribd or Slideshare is that your content gets more viewers while authorSTREAM is excellent in retaining animations, sound and video. In a nutshell, all will help you spread the word using a PowerPoint presentation. Get the flash embed and post it on your blog/website and anywhere where flash embeds are allowed.

PowerPoint to video

We all know that if a picture is worth than thousand words, a video is worth thousand picture. Creating a great video is not everyone's cup of tea. A great video requires excellent video shooting skills besides an awesome storyboard whereas PowerPoint is so flexible and easy to use
that even a grade III student can use it without much hassle.

With so many offline and online tools for PowerPoint to video conversion, it's just a matter of will that you convert your PowerPoint in video and share it on popular video sharing websites.

Online Free PowerPoint to video tools

authorSTREAM: Converts PowerPoint presentations to FLV, AVI, WMV or MP4. Maximum file size allowed is 1 GB and presentations below 5 mins are converted for free. authorSTREAM also lets you send converted videos to YouTube directly.

WonderSlide: Converts PowerPoint presentations to FLV, AVI, WMV or MP4. Maximum file size allowed is 50 MB.

Desktop PowerPoint to video tools

PowerPoint 2010
E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter
Wondershare PPT to video

Create an appealing marketing PowerPoint presentation. Jazz it up with videos- Youtube embeds or videos from file, animations and sound. Upload it on authorSTREAM, Slideshare or any other PowerPoint sharing website, convert it to video using offline or online PowerPoint to video converters and let your marketing stuff go viral. All these presentation sharing websites have social bookmarking and post to network buttons which will help you share your stuff more easily.
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