Monday, November 16, 2009

Insert videos in PowerPoint using authorSTREAM desktop

Sharing PowerPoint presentations having videos has always been a big issue with normal PowerPoint users. People always wonder why and how video or movie file inserted in PowerPoint which plays well on their computer disappears when they run slide show on their office system or any other computer.

Most of the PowerPoint users are unaware of the fact that videos are always linked in PowerPoint slides and will not play on the system other than where the linked file resides. Few technical users keep PowerPoint file and video in same folder and share the zip file so that video plays irrespective of where you run Slide show.

For those who don't want to share bulky zip files or who don't know technical details related to video insertion in PowerPoint, authorSTREAM has come up with a promising solution. authorSTREAM desktop (a free PowerPoint plug-in from authorSTREAM) which lets you insert YouTube videos, can now take care of videos inserted in PowerPoint slides. You just need to upload PowerPoint presentation having linked audio or video using authorSTREAM Desktop and its inbuilt mechanism will take care of rest.

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Presentation output on authorSTREAM will play inserted videos as they play in PowerPoint slide show on your machine and you only need to share authorSTREAM presentation link with your friends and family. So now besides inserting YouTube videos, you can insert videos from your desktop in your PowerPoint slides.

More details at authorSTREAM blog.

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