Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is Bunkr going to be a PowerPoint killer?

Since the launch of PowerPoint, a lot has been done around PowerPoint and presentations. Be it online presentation creation, online presentation sharing or desktop plug-ins, there is lot of stuff going on to help people create high quality stunning presentations without the help of professionals.

TechCrunch recently projected Bunkr- an online presentation creation tool as a PowerPoint killer. Like any other presentation creation tools, Bunkr lets you create presentations online which can be exported as PPT.

Largely online presentation creation tools are nowhere near to what desktop presentation software's and plugins offer and same is the case with Bunkr. It offers nothing which is not being offered by Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, Office 365, PowToons and Google presentations. Bunkr's USP is in-built image, video and content search, but then again this feature is already in-built in MS PowerPoint 2013 and authorSTREAM Desktop plugin which also takes care of copyright attribution.

Now at a time when SlideRocket failed to tap the online presentation creation market and Microsoft too offering online presentation creation, it would be interesting to see how long Bunkr goes. Do you also think that Bunkr is going to be a PowerPoint killer?

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