Thursday, May 30, 2013

authorSTREAM brings new embed for blogs that work on all devices

Two most popular ways to showcase your wonderful presentations on your website or blog are i) to upload it to online presentation sharing websites like Slideshare or authorSTREAM and use their embed code ii) convert it to a video, upload the presentation video to your blog or send it to YouTube and use the YouTube embed.

In case of Flash embeds of authorSTREAM, your readers on iPad would be able to read text but would not be able to view the embedded presentation and  if you use Slideshare, you're set to lose all those animations, videos and sound.

YouTube as we know, already handles this situation by streaming compatible player so that your audience get to see the video even on non flash devices. authorSTREAM too has come up with a new embed called Dynamic embed which automatically renders Flash or a HTML player as per availability of flash player on viewer's device. Only disadvantage with this embed is that while your blog readers on Flash compatible devices would enjoy all animations and media, those on iPad would see only static slide images without any sound or video. Presentation below is embedded using authorSTREAM's new dynamic embed and you should be able to view it on all devices. What you use to share your presentation on your blogs and website and why?

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