Friday, December 2, 2011

How to embed, record, insert, edit audio in PowerPoint?

We all love and admire presentations jazzed up  with multimedia elements. Who would not love a custom PowerPoint greeting having audio message from someone you love or a PowerPoint photo album with right blend of sound and music?

Even a business presentation can have long lasting effect with right kind of music or sound appearing at right point.  However, many of us find it difficult when it comes to adding music, sound or record our own voice. PowerPoint has different ways and properties to handle audio files. Let us discuss them one by one. 

Recording your own voice in a PowerPoint slideshow (Narrations)
If you just want to record audio on one slide or when audio sync is not that important with animations or slides  this can be a good option:
  • Click on insert tab on PowerPoint 2010 ribbon and then click on audio drop down.
  •  Select "Record Audio" option. A dialog box with option to record will appear
  • Click record button to record audio. Recored audio will get embedded on current active slide
If you want to record narrations in 2010 synced with animations and slides (in slideshow mode): This video tutorial will help you understand the steps involved in recording narration:

Record narrations in 2007

Insert music
Inserting music or audio file in PowerPoint is quite easy.
  • Click on insert tab on PowerPoint 2010 ribbon and then click on audio drop down
  • Select "Insert from file"
  • Select the audio file from you system and click insert to add it to slide
  • You can set different properties for this audio file by double clicking the sound icon 
  • Click on playback tab and set the options as desired

Play across slides and loop small audio until last slide

If you want to play some music or sound continuously when slideshow is in progress, you can set the audio property to loop until last to play it across slides.

Edit audio inserted in slide
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 lets you trim the audio files inserted so that you can set the start and end time for a audio file which is quite long and just a smart portion of it make sense for your audience:

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