Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to share presentations on LinkedIn?

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There are two ways to share your presentations on Linkedin; 1) Using SlideShare 2) Google Presentations. In order to share presentations either via SlideShare or Google presentations you need to install SlideShare or Google presentations application. To add a presentation  to your Linkedin profile, follow the steps below:
1. First sign in to your Linkedin account
2. Either go to' Edit My Profile' and add an application from there or click 'Add an
    Application' box on the right.
3. In the Applications section, click Add an
    Application and select Google or Slideshare

You need to have a SlideShare or Google account to use respective applications. Login to your SlideShare/Google account to link your SlideShare/Google account with your Linkedin profile.These Linkedin applications not only let you share your presentations with your connections but also let you see what people in your network are sharing, viewing and commenting.

Google presentations Linkedin App
Though you can upload and share a new presentation from your desktop or share an existing presentation in your Google account  yet you still have to go to Google docs to create a new presentations.

SlideShare Linkedin App
Slideshare app lets you share all presentations from your Linkedin account or upload and share new presentations from within LinkedinSlideShare has recently released Linkedin share button as well which means now you can share any SlideShare presentation on LinkedIn with a press of button.

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