Tuesday, March 29, 2011

authorSTREAM re-launches premium plans

The presentation sharing platform, authorSTREAM has re-launched its premium plans. New plans known as Pro and Business are priced at $29.95 /Year and $299 /Year respectively.

With this launch authorSTREAM has gone very aggressive against Slideshare. authorSTREAM is offering more features and better presentation output (authorSTREAM retains animations, sound etc)  for a price which is 80% less than that of SlideShare's.
  • authorSTREAM Pro ($2.5/month compared to SlideShare's Silver plan at $19.95/month)
  • authorSTREAM Business ($39.95/month as compared to SlideShare's Platinum plan at $249.95/month)
authorSTREAM has done very nice job by creating a authorSTREAM Vs. SlideShare comparison page which provides full insight into the features and pricing being offered by two PowerPoint sharing giants.

authorSTREAM Pro vs. SlideShare Silver
Feature authorSTREAM SlideShare
Unlimited Private uploads Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes
Webinars (Conferencing tool) Yes Yes
Convert PPT to Video Yes --
Download presentation as Flash Yes --
Price $2.50/month $19/month

authorSTREAM Business vs. SlideShare Platinum
Feature authorSTREAM SlideShare
Unlimited Private Uploads Yes Yes
Presentation Analytics Yes Yes
Branded channels Yes, (5 Channels) Yes, (1 Channel)
Ad free Yes Yes
Webinars (Conferencing tool) Yes Yes
Turn off commenting and Transcript Yes Yes
Full Branding Yes Yes
Secure embeds (Allow on selected domains) Yes --
Own branding in embeds Yes --
Private sharing with selected people Yes --
Download presentation as flash Yes --
Unlimited PowerPoint to video Yes --
30 day free Trial Yes --
Price $39.95/month $249/month

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