Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Search slides on your desktop with Slideboxx

At times you must have find it cumbersome to search for a specific PowerPoint slide or content to be reused in a new presentation. It's always a time consuming task to open PowerPoint presentations one by one and go through all the slides to find a piece of information or a slide which you intend to use for an upcoming presentation.

If you run into such issues frequently or you are the one who create PowerPoint presentations frequently, Slideboxx is the tool for you. Slideboxx helps you find slides from PowerPoint presentations saved on your desktop (For searching slides from the web, use SlideFinder). Once installed, Slideboxx indexes all the PowerPoint presentations of your system in the same fashion as Google desktop indexes all the files of your system. SlideBoxx's search interface is flash based and opens in a web browser. You just need to enter keywords for search and Slideboxx will display the result set in the form of slide thumbnails which you can drag and drop in your PowerPoint presentation using the right pane of search interface.

Key features of Slideboxx include:

  • Quick keyword based search: Quickly find slides, then drag and drop to reuse in another presentation.
  •  Hide duplicate or similar slides: Use the Slide Clustering slider to hide similar slides on the fly to focus, reduce clutter, and find slides fast.
  •  Group slides from any presentation: Manage slides with custom text tags, grouping them or customizing search results; great for image-based slides too!
  • Discover forgotten or unknown slides: Search PowerPoint presentations and find slides you forgot or did not even know!.
  • Automatic indexing: Slideboxx automatically builds and manages your PowerPoint slide library. Indexing may slow down your system a bit.If it slows down your system, you should pause the indexing and resume when you are not using the system.

Slideboxx is not a free tool though it has a free trial. Slideboxx is quite expensive and priced at $119. You can download a trial here and if you see it's worth the price and saves your time, go ahead and buy a copy for you.

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