Monday, December 14, 2009

Free PowerPoint templates for Holidays

Christmas and new year are around the corner. This is the time when we share our love, emotions and warm greetings with our near and dears. For PowerPoint users this is the time to carve their deep emotions and feeling on a PowerPoint and share it with their loved ones.
Free PowerPOint Tempaltes

To create a stunning PowerPoint presentation, an appealing template is a prerequisite. Those who are well versed with PowerPoint software, create these templates themselves. Those who are not that skilled to create a terrific PowerPoint template or background themselves need not to despair. There are numerous websites and blogs who offer free PowerPoint templates for Christmas and New year.

You can download these free templates; add music, animations and your very own PowerPoint greeting will be ready in no time. Here are few good websites from where you can download free PowerPoint templates for Christmas, New Year and Holidays:

Microsoft Website
Brainy Betty
Presentation Magazine: Presentation magazine also let you create custom image backgrounds using card maker which you can use as a template in PowerPoint:

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