Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Easily migrate from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007

Most of PowerPoint users still prefer to use PowerPoint 2003 or XP because of learning curve involved. It's bit difficult to locate your favorite menus, commands in 2007 as Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 has different interface and few commands and options have been relocated under different menus.

That being said, PowerPoint 2007 is much rich in features as compared to PowerPoint 2003 or XP and migration to 2007 is easy with the help and tutorials available online.

Go through PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 interactive command reference guide from Microsoft. This interactive flash content will help you locate Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 commands in PowerPoint 2007.

Keyboard shortcuts available in PowerPoint 2007 will help you start easily.

Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerPoint 2007

CommandKeyboard Shortcut
Open new blank presentationCtrl+N
Insert new slideCtrl+M / Enter key
Open existing PowerPointCtrl+O
Start SlideshowF5
Next animation/ SlideSpacebar/ Enter
Return to the previous slide Backspace
Go to a slide numbernumber + Enter
Return to first slide1 + Enter
Jump to the first (or last) slide Home (or End)
Change pointer to a penCTRL+P
Display the shortcut or right click menuSHIFT+F10
Go to the first or next hyperlink on a slideTAB
Change pointer to an arrowCTRL+A
Erase the screen annotationsE
End SlideshowESC
Justify a paragraph.Ctrl + J
Centre a paragraph CTRL+E
Right align a paragraph.Ctrl + R
Left align a paragraph.Ctrl + L
Copy formats (Format painter)CTRL+SHIFT+C
Paste formats(Format painter) CTRL+SHIFT+V

See complete list on Microsoft website

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