Thursday, June 4, 2009

Replace PowerPoint feature from authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM, the online PowerPoint presentation sharing platform today released a new feature called 'Replace PowerPoint. Now you can replace your current PowerPoint file with a new one. Big relief to those who want to replace few slides of presentation or complete presentation altogether due to some typo or outdated information. Feature comes in handy when you have embedded presentation on your website or blog. As soon as your re uploaded presentation gets converted, embeds will start showing new content or slides.

You just need to click the ‘Replace PowerPoint’ option provided under Actions on Dashboard or on ‘Your Presentations’ and click on the link marked ‘Replace PowerPoint’ available beside the presentation thumbnail and upload the updated presentation. Best part is that during the conversion process your presentation will work fine on authorSTREAM or in embeds. Also comments, views, tags, favorites, likes, presentation URL etc will remain same. As your presentation may have new slides,content so you need to recreate video of your presentation or send it to YouTube again after successful replacement so that you can reach wide range of audience.

See more details at authorSTREAM blog.

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