Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Importance of Presentation Submission in SEO

Ppt/pdf submissions play a vital role in content marketing, as SEO experts have a saying "content is king". You'll hear that phrase many times when it comes to SEO success. Therefore, if you are planning to include customized share presentation in your schedule, then you should consider the following websites;


Slideshare offers a wide variety of opportunities to content marketers through the use of its user-friendly features such as;
  • Secure user access control options
  • Automized notifications for easy follow-ups
  • Free optimized search functionality
  • Instant messaging for improved communication
  • Permits a wide range of collaboration tools
  • Secure file management options and easy files transfer
  • Tailor-made branding, and much more.
Users of the platform enjoy increased SEO as they share their content on LinkedIn, embed videos from YouTube hence enjoying massive exposure and the use of inks on content for better call-to-action experiences.Additionally, the platform offers special structures that help one to come up with interesting content in their share presentation.


Through the use of authorstream, content marketers are able to share their presentations online to an increasing audience. The website is well equipped with user-friendly features such as;
  • Live video narration ppt
  • Extensive premium features for better experiences
  • Authorstream channels for those in the production industry
  • Authorstream API for integrated user services to websites/blogs
  • Easy sharing to Facebook, etc
The websites are set for maximum SEO benefits through, seamless content sharing options to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Consequently, users are allowed to use links and URLs in their content for simple traffic.

Sharepresentation is a platform that makes it possible for individuals to upload and share their content to various audiences.The platform is well versed with features such as;
  • Easy ppt uploads
  • User-friendly PPT sharing website
  • Various categories
  • Great branding opportunities
  • Social media sharing
  • Easy access to related content
Users of the website enjoy extra SEO through sharing their content on social media platforms.


If you are a publisher, then issuu is a place to be. The platform connects publishers with their readers. With awesome features such as
  • Subscription options for readers and the embedding of links to websites/blogs
  • Publishers are able to get more traffic to their landing pages
  • Hence increasing their visibility in search engines.
  • Some of the unique features of the website include
  • Conversion of pdf
  • Documents to flip-pages
  • Zooming screens for easy readability
  • Unlimited publishing
  • Easy sharing of publications to social media pages

Scribd is a digital eBook library that readers get to enjoy access to a wide variety of books in different genres. The website offers incredible user-friendly features such as;
  •     Unlimited access to awesome articles
  •     Unlimited access to audio and video books
  •     Preview benefits before confirmation of purchases
  •     Awarding of monthly credits to users for better exploitation
  •     Unlimited access to books, etc
Publishers whose content are most sought enjoy maximum SEO as the books keep circulating on a monthly basis to a wide range of audience. The premium subscription also offers great opportunities for authors.

In conclusion

It is important to know the right platforms to use in your share presentation for maximum benefits. Each platform stated above has its own unique features you could exploit in whatever line of business.

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