Wednesday, April 2, 2014

View PowerPoint presentations on iPad with free Microsoft app

After a long wait Microsoft office apps are now on iPad. Now you can view PowerPoint presentations with full fidelity along with all animations and transition effects on your iPad. Microsoft recently released different office apps for iPad which includes an app for PowerPoint as well. Microsoft's PowerPoint app lets users view presentations in slideshow mode and supports animations and transition effects.

Prior to this PowerPoint users were either using BrainShark or authorSTREAM's iPad app to view PowerPoint presentations since these were the only apps supporting animation and transition effects. Biggest disadvantage with Brainshark was the wait time required for server side conversion in the format
supported by app. User had to wait for upload, conversion and then download of converted output on iPad.

With MS iPad app slideshow begins as soon as you select MS app to open the presentation. Not only you can view and share presentations that are on your iPad or email but you can also create and edit presentations on your iPad. Creations and editing features are paid and require office 365 subscription.
So if you are addicted to iPad and MS PowerPoint for creating presentations, now you don't have to switch on your laptop for PowerPoint presentations.

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