Monday, January 28, 2013

PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts for presenters

There isn't any doubt that every speaker tries his best to have long lasting effect on audience. Everyone wants it to do the way Steve Jobs had been doing all his life. In addition to the right content, your communication skills, it's your presence of mind, ability to engage the audience, a right and pronto use of technology that gonna lead to a successful presentation.

If you are going to use Microsoft PowerPoint to deliver your presentation in next conference, use Presenter view and following keyboard shortcuts to be in control of things:
  • Go to slide number: number+ENTER [During presentation you might have to jump to particular slide, just press the number and hit enter key]
  • Display a blank black slide, or return to the presentation from a blank black slide: B or PERIOD [ You can use this when discussing something not on slide]
  • Display a blank white slide, or return to the presentation from a blank white slide: W or COMMA[ You can use this when discussing something not on slide]
  • Stop or restart an automatic or rehearsed presentation: S
  • Return to the first slide: Press and hold Left Mouse button for several seconds

Shortcuts for audio/video
These shortcuts work on media inserted (embedded) from file and not on online embeds of YouTube etc.
  • Stop media playback : ALT+Q
  • Mute the sound: ALT+U
  • Toggle between play and pause: ALT+P
  • Increase the sound volume: ALT+Up
  • Decrease the sound volume: ALT+Down
  • Go to the next video bookmarkALT+END
  • Go to the previous video bookmark: ALT+HOME 
Besides these are standard keyboard shortcuts which many of you already know and use like F5 to start a slide show, backspace or next arrow to move forward and Ecs key to end the slideshow. To view complete list of keyboard shortcuts press F1 function key during slideshow mode. 

Deliver great presentations with Presenter view

Presenter View is one nifty feature of PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 which lets you view the slides, speaker notes on one computer (laptop), while the audience views just the slideshow on another monitor or projector.

Using Presenter view you can control the slide show, jump around the slides and  blacken the screen for the audience while keeping your view of the presentation and speaker notes intact on your own monitor. Presenter view lets you track the time elapsed so that you stick to the schedule. If you want to highlight something while presenting, use annotation or pen tool.

You just need to connect your laptop to another monitor/projector and select the option "Use presenter view" from Slide Show tab before you go for slide show mode of presentation. Presenter view is surely gonna help you deliver one of those effective presentations.

 Here is a quick video which explains it all:

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