Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PowerPoint templates and diagrams for just $3.99 @authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace

The scattered PowerPoint templates industry is all set to touch new heights of business with authorSTREAM launching PowerPoint Templates Marketplace. Now you need not to browse through tens of different websites to get the right template for your next presentation. authorSTREAM is offering 20,000 plus PowerPoint templates and diagrams at a price of just $3.99 which is almost half the price of other popular templates websites.

Since launch, authorSTREAM has been focusing only on PowerPoint users. While others like SlideShare, Scribd let you upload and share documents, excel files or videos, authorSTREAM allows only presentations. Be it conducting free webinars on presentation tips, authorSTREAM Desktop plugin, PowerPoint to video feature or PowerPoint templates marketplace, focus of all is on one thing i.e. help presentation creators create and share great presentations without any hassles.

This is a welcome move by authorSTREAM towards making authorSTREAM one stop shop for all the needs of presentation creators. Started with one template provider, authorSTREAM is soon going to get more providers on-board. Given the user base and traffic of authorSTREAM, it should be win-win situation for templates providers and buyers since sale is not all about price but about volumes and who knows in future you get a PowerPoint template for just $2.

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