Friday, June 15, 2012

How to mute a video and play narration or music in sync with video in PowerPoint 2010

There are times when you want to use some interesting video in your presentation but don't want the audio to play. Instead  you want your own voice-over or some music to play in the background. PowerPoint 2010 not only lets you mute the audio but also lets you play your voice-over, a pre-recorded narration or a music file as if  the audio is recorded in the video itself. Here are the steps to mute the audio of a video file inserted in slide:

  • Insert the video you want to play during slideshow
  • Click on the video
  • Click on Playback tab on ribbon
  • Click on Volume option
  • Click Mute to mute the audio (you can also adjust audio to low or medium)
  • Set the video to play automatically or play on click as per  your requirement 

Video PowerPoint mute

Adding your own voice-over or narrations
Adding narration or your own voice-over to a slide show is pretty simple:

  • Click on Slide Show tab on ribbon  
  • Click Record Slide Show to start recording your own voice
  • Leave the 'Narrations and laser' pointer check box ticked 
  • Click Start Recording button to record your voice 

Using music or pre-recorded audio narration
In case you want to play some music along with video, click on Insert on ribbon. Click Audio and select the option Audio from File and insert the audio file. Click Animations on ribbon followed by Animation Pane. Set the start of audio file to with previous so that it plays as soon as the video starts playing. 

Now run the slideshow. You will notice that the video plays along with  narration or music and gives an impression as if audio is a part of the video inserted. You can use this technique to create your own lectures or demo presentations and include any demo, documentary or science videos  and add your voice-over to explain the concepts shown in the video, in sync with the video.

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