Saturday, May 5, 2012

Convert PowerPoint to HTML5:Retain animations, media on iPad or other devices

iSpring has announced the launch of PowerPoint to HTML 5 solution making it possible to deliver PowerPoint slideshow experience on devices like iPad, iPhone. Till now only few companies like Brainshark were able to reproduce slideshow experience on non-flash devices like iPad but that too was a flash solution using Air app. iSpring's this release could be game changer for online presentation sharing domain since currently no popular presentation sharing website is capable of handling animations or sound on non-flash devices especially iPad or iPhone.

Below is a sample PowerPoint output with animations created using iSpring's convert to HTML5 solution:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 launched: Create synchronized presentations online

Last year we talked about an online tool for creating synchronized presentations which was in beta then. is like any other tool that helps you create synchronized multimedia presentation with a difference that while others are desktop plug-ins, is an online tool.

We reviewed the software and found few advantages and few shortcomings like cost, no option to synchronize presentations with pre-recorded videos etc. has been launched officially today. Most of the things which were of concern have been taken care of. The pricing has been revised and now it make much sense for people to go for $9/mo or $39/mo plan as compared to the ones listed on website in September last year. Now supports pre-recorded videos as well.

For those who wonder what synchronized multimedia presentations are, see one below:

Best thing about is that output works on all browsers and all devices including iPad.

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